Paris International Translation Services

Consecutive Interpretation
for businessmen and businesswomen

  • during business meetings
  • for site visits
  • negotiations
  • seminars
  • shopping
  • doctor appointments
  • lawyer visits
  • in Paris or France or Europe

These services are suitable for business people who need bilingual assistance:

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation:

Interpretation can be of two kinds: simultaneous or consecutive. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates as the speaker speaks. In consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
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In general, if a session of simultaneous interpretation exceeds one hour, it is absolutely necessary to have a team of at least two interpreters working together in a cabin. Each interpreter translates for ten to fifteen minutes and is relayed by his partner.

Consecutive interpretation may be done by one interpreter. Your interpreter can come to your hotel or offices in Paris or further afield in France, to provide you with interpretation services for business meetings, negotiations, site visits, conferences, expositions, trade shows and fairs, seminars… You may need an interpreter for business purposes, or to interpret meetings with a lawyer, a doctor, a friend or a client… You may require help with shopping or dealing with an administrative problem. We can offer you translation help in any such situation.

Once we have an idea of your requirements we will find the most qualified person to do the job. We have competent people in most languages and most fields.


Our interpreters can come to any city in Europe or travel with you. We can also arrange transport for you and the interpreter.

By tradition, an interpreter is always paid on a daily basis, whether he or she works two hours or eight hours. Also, he or she is paid his full fee if the service is canceled less than two weeks before the service.

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