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You may order any of the guided tours and tourist services we offer directly, on the pages where they are displayed. However, if you would like to purchase and reserve any service you can do so from here mentioning your wishes and the prices announced. You can also use this page to pay for services you have previously discussed with us by e-mail. Please read over our Terms and conditions.

Or, you may use this form to transmit your credit card information in order to pay for services as previously discussed with our staff by e-mail, fax, or phone.

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我授權Paris International上面特別指出的服務從我的信用卡提款, 並且我已經讀過並同意你們的協議和條件(請看下面), 和特殊狀況,您的取消政策,如下
Cancellation Policy: In the event of client cancellation more than one week before the visit,
your payment will be refunded in full. In case of cancellation by the client less than one week
before the visit, the entire sum is due and no refund will be paid.
電話號碼: (包括國家和地區代碼)
傳真號碼: (包括國家和地區代碼)

請把您的信息發送到我們安全的服務器,或者傳真到: +33 (0)1 43 37 11 46

Your bank statement will show a payment to Paris International.


  1. To reserve your guide and/or transport, a firm order is necessary and full payment in due course. No visit is confirmed until full payment is received.
  2. 超出預定的小時和公里數有一個15分鐘的寬限的時間,如果您所預定的一次4小時的遊覽延長了1個小時, 那麼要在原有價格的上補充。
  3. 交通運輸是由准許運營的公共交通和運載的專業公司負責。巴黎國際作為一個中介的職能為客戶服務。
  1. 客戶取消: 如果客戶在1個星期之前取消服務的情況下, 您的付款除去總金額的5%支付銀行的劃賬手續費,其餘的將全額退還。如果在1個星期之內取消恕不退款。
  2. 巴黎國際因為任何一個原因而取消參觀, 我們將全額退款,退款將意味著解除雙方關係。巴黎國際不對可能由客戶導致的取消遊覽服務的任何附加費用負責:較為昂貴的遊覽項目費用, 延遲, 額外的住宿費用等等。
  3. 巴黎國際對任何事故, 偷竊或在參觀期間的損傷不負責。如果您有任何需要質詢的, 請e-mail跟我們聯繫。
Paris International is not responsible for any accident, theft or damage during a visit. If you have any queries or clarifications, please contact us

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