Customized Service: Hotels, Restaurants, Shows

If you know the dates of your trip to Paris,
we can make all the arrangements for your stay,
from airport welcome to departure.

All you have to do is tell us what your interested in, what your tastes are and we’ll do all the rest!

We can book rooms in a suitable hotel, a table in a fine restaurant, or seats for a cabaret show. And of course, you may choose from any of the private guided tours mentioned in our Private Guides section.

Since we know the city inside out, we can find you the best deals, the best locations. You would have to spend an awful lot of time on the internet to do better than us on price. On your own, you could easily find yourself in the wrong part of town, missing something exciting just around the corner and paying twice as much as necessary.

Our price for this service? 10% on the total bill with a minimum charge of 45 euros, payable in advance to start setting up your program.

As soon as you have your dates and you are ready to go, write to us and we will start putting your program together. We will give you ideas, suggestions and a choice of prices which will more than compensate the small fee charged for this service.

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